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Next Level SMF

How Next Level SMF Gets You Up & Running Perfectly From The Start

When you purchase a hosting plan with us you don’t just get a hosting plan, you get a managed hosting plan pre packed with peace of mind! Your set up is valued at over $75 but you get it all free…

 A domain!  We can do almost any TLD/gTLD such as .com .org .net .com.au .us .info and .biz.

An SMF Forum set up with anti spam and up to 12 mods and themes. *

An extended set up period which lasts the entirety of your first month!**

Continued support you can trust for the duration of your stay with us (see what to expect after the setup below!).

Wow that’s a lot of free stuff for a new forum! Let’s go over the process a little closer…
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SMF Spotted in Deep Web Movie Trailer!

Simple Machines Forum has been sighted in a movie trailer for an upcoming documentary about an area of the internet called “Deep Web”. Deep Web is home to Silk Road which is an online black marketplace used mostly for drug trafficking.

In 2013 Ross William Ulbricht was arrested and accused of being “Dread Pirate Roberts” who owned and created Silk Road. This brought the whole thing out into the open, and this documentary strives to set the record straight and explore the ramifications of Silk Road and how the arrests made could impact our freedoms when it comes to technology in the future, for people all around the world. Continue reading


Be Taken Seriously as an Admin: 5 Reasons Spelling and Grammar Are Important

Many people overlook the importance of spelling and grammar, especially when it comes to staff and administrators. While typing without capitalisation and regards to grammar is something mostly found in very young admins (specifically teens) it’s not a problem that is exclusive to them.

Spelling and grammar are very important not only to being understood, but also to being taken seriously. You don’t have to know how to spell 15 letter words and always put apostrophes in the right spots, but you do have to be able to make your posts able to be read and understood.

Take a look at our 5 reasons reasonable spelling and grammar are important for administrators who want to be taken seriously.

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Take the trash out, but don’t air your dirty laundry! Common Mistakes Admins Make with Recycling Bin Boards

When it comes to taking out the trash and airing dirty laundry there are two worrying trends happening with new forum administrators. We hope to address both sides of this trend and open up a discussion about the recycling bin; Who should have one? Who should have access? Is it really as useful as it sounds?
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