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5 Unexpected Benefits of Off Topic Boards for On Topic Forums

When it comes to off topic boards many admins are unsure if they will add anything of value to their forum, and worry about the implications. While at times they can be a distraction from the topic at hand, they can also keep forums alive and kicking – even thriving – when they are approached effectively.

So the question is not whether you should have an off topic board, but how to approach it. Essentially it’s the same as on topic areas: Establish a posting standard and enforce it through moderation and by example. By deleting the topics that don’t add to the forum (eg: “Show us your desktop!” type topics) and posting more meaningful topics you will see the benefits these boards can bring… Continue reading


Take the trash out, but don’t air your dirty laundry! Common Mistakes Admins Make with Recycling Bin Boards

When it comes to taking out the trash and airing dirty laundry there are two worrying trends happening with new forum administrators. We hope to address both sides of this trend and open up a discussion about the recycling bin; Who should have one? Who should have access? Is it really as useful as it sounds?
Continue reading