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How to Make Your Poster Information Panel Neat and Compact

We all know and love that spot that shows who posted the post we’re looking at. The poster information panel is one of the most important aspects of forum posts…or is it? We place so much information in there it actually becomes the most ignored part of the post. Information overload takes over and we block it out as we read.

Other websites use this area differently and bring back the importance of this information through minimalism. Reddit and Tumblr only display usernames, while Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Digg, and blog comments display only a username and avatar. Forums have somehow fallen behind this trend; Forums are the only places where the poster information panel includes post counts, karma, gender, group info, and more.

Besides being messy, many of the buttons are completely unnecessary. We don’t need any buttons for going to the members profile, viewing their website, emailing them, what gender they are, or their social networking identities when their name already links to their profile – where this information is much better served. Having this information on members posts can double or even triple the length of posts, forcing viewers to scroll more and driving readers away. Continue reading