Have You Seen Color Me Forum Yet?

Next Level SMF offers more than the average host and really can help you take your forum to the next level. Color Me Forum, for adult coloring enthusiasts, proves that and displays it in all of its glory. Color Me Forum is a little forum that is growing steadily each day, and here are some of its highlights from our perspective:


Beautifully Designed

Color Me Forum shows just how stunning and versatile SMF can be when it’s in the right hands.

  1. Responsive Design, using the theme Redsy (live demo) as a base.
  2. Unique Design: Redsy has been recolored and images updated to brand the forum appropriately.
  3. Responsive Portal: Color Me Forum is the FIRST known forum showcasing a responsive version of Simple Portal.
  4. Multiple Variants: This purple theme can turn blue or green!

Next Level SMF offers customisation services in addition to the small tweaking you find included in our plans. Included in the plan are things like helping insert Google Analytics in the page, adding pages or buttons, swapping icons, etc. The other customisations Color Me Forum has had outside of its plan include the entire theme recoloring and configuring multiple variants, and editing mod templates to match the theme.


Custom Store Embedded in SMF

Color Me Forum has its own store where it sells and gives away free coloring pages for adults, children, and families. This store looks amazing! You can find it in the store tab.

Color Me Forum is doing a lot to promote their store, helping bring in members and activity. Adding your store to your forum could do great things for you!


Customised Simple Portal Blocks

To make sure Simple Portal looks its best the blocks have been customised to be responsive and use the unique responsive theme design. In addition to the look of the blocks, there are several custom blocks. We can’t show you all of them due to privacy reasons but we can tell you they include a red “Important Unread Messages” block that highlights unread staff posts, and this store block pictured which allows the store to display around the forum!

We cannot create custom blocks from scratch but we can help you implement the ones found on Simple Portal‘s website, tweak the design of the blocks, and more.


A Creative Short URL

Color Me Forum has an extensive social media presence, so to promote confidence in their brand we created a custom short URL for them to use with! For their book announcement it looked like this:

Their short url also tracks statistics in so they can see what links are working well and what platforms are bringing in the most traffic. This means they’ll be able to use that data to grow and develop!


In Conclusion…

If you want to start a community, don’t let anything hold you back. Choosing Next Level SMF has benefited clients around the globe in so many ways. I’ll help you manage the software so you can get to growing and developing your community and reaching your goals!

Our clients have received level up advice on so many things, and it’s really helped them…

  • Learn how to get more Twitter followers and more traffic from Twitter
  • Optimize their forum for Search Engines
  • Generate traffic from Facebook using posts, ads and more
  • Make their forums more appealing to new members, and easier to sign up with
  • Competition ideas and advertisement strategies
  • Send appealing HTML emails through SMF
  • Integrate social media for logins, avatars, sharing, and more
  • Creative advertisement ideas and strategies
  • Help dealing with problem members and developing forum rules
  • Help taking blog posts to the next level
  • Tips to automate social media posts to save time and energy

And if you’re into Adult Coloring I might be biased in saying this…but you can’t go wrong with Color Me Forum! It’s a friendly and supportive little community and I give it the thumbs up!

What does your dream community look like? Let us know in the comments!

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