We already provide these services to our clients, but you don’t have to miss out if you don’t have a plan with us. We have a small list of services available to everyone. Feel free to contact us or open a chat session if you have any queries, otherwise lodge a ticket with us to get a quote!

These services are already included in many of our plans; this list is intended for people who do not have a plan. Please see our plans page for more information on what your plan includes and how to get unincluded extras.


  1. Manual mod installs, small tweaks, and error log fixes will need to be assessed per request. In rare cases a mod cannot be installed manually due to conflicts. In rare cases errors in the log cannot be resolved.
  2. Some requests may require an admin account on the forum or an FTP account.  For your privacy and security we ask that you provide us with our own FTP and Admin accounts ONLY after a request has been accepted.
  3. In some cases requests may be denied at Next Level SMF’s discretion.