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How Next Level SMF Gets You Up & Running Perfectly From The Start

When you purchase a hosting plan with us you don’t just get a hosting plan, you get a managed hosting plan pre packed with peace of mind! Your set up is valued at over $75 but you get it all free…

 A domain!  We can do almost any TLD/gTLD such as .com .org .net .us .info and .biz.

An SMF Forum set up with anti spam and up to 12 mods and themes. *

An extended set up period which lasts the entirety of your first month!**

Continued support you can trust for the duration of your stay with us (see what to expect after the setup below!).

Wow that’s a lot of free stuff for a new forum! Let’s go over the process a little closer…

Where Do I Start With Next Level SMF?

To get started on your new forum, you need to select the right hosting plan for you

The Hard Way Plan

This one’s for you if you feel like you will need no assistance at all, or are willing to pay for unincluded features when you do require assistance.

The Easy Way Plan (recommended)

This one’s for you if you feel like you will need assistance for some things, or even most things. This is our recommended plan for its value. Most of our clients are happy with this plan.

The Easiest Way Plan

This one’s for you if you do not want to touch anything in the admin panel at all and want your forum completely managed by Next Level SMF (not including post/member moderation or decision making, just the technical side of things). This plan is for people who expect to need a lot of help with day to day functions and features of their forum or who are way too busy to do it themselves.

Once you’ve selected the right plan, simply sign up to the My Account area and lodge a ticket (requires login) with us…in your ticket you should include…

What Information Do I Need to Include In My Ticket?

For us to do your set up for you we’ll need the following information:

  1. Your Desired Domain Name:
  2. Your Desired Forum Location:
  3. Your Forums Name:
  4. Your Forums Email Address:
  5. Your forums Administrator Account Username/Display Name:
  6. Your Forum Administrator Accounts Email:
  7. Your Anti Spam Info: (use ours, yours, or make one for you)
For the anti spam mods we rely on Stop Forum Spam and Project Honey Pot. We can use Next Level SMFs accounts or we can sign you up. These accounts allow you to check members are not known spammers/bots. Neither give access to your website. If you don’t have an account we’ll need to know: First Name, Last Name, Country, Zip Code, and Email. If you have an account we’ll need to know: your API Key, http:BL Access Key, and honeypot location.

Let’s assume you want your forum to be called “Example” and you have chosen as your domain. Your ticket would look similar to this:

Hi! I’d like a new forum set up please! Here’s my info!
Forum Location:
Forum Name: Example Forum
Forum Email Address:
Admin Username/Display Name: admin/Example (username for login, display for posts)
Admin Accounts Email:
Anti Spam Info: No sign up

It’s as simple as that! We’ll set up any emails you need for your own domain as well as your forum admin account and send you the details.

Great! How Do I Set Up More?

We believe in a relaxing set up which is why we have an extended set up process. This makes your first month with us special because you’ll have the time you need to figure out what you want and need to make your forum great, and we will continue to help you install those mods (even if they need manual installing) and themes for the entirety of your first month. You won’t be stressed about forgetting something or worrying about wasting precious mod installs!

If you’d like us to do more in the set up (and even after it we can still help with all of this!) we’d be more than happy to help out. You can include things like…

Boards and Categories

It’s common for admins to want us to set up boards and categories. We sure can do that! Just send us the list like this:

Cat: Example Forums News!
Board: News and Announcements
Board: Feedback
Child Board: Bugs/Errors
Board: Competitions

Or like this:

Example Forums News!
– News and Announcements
– Feedback
– – Bugs/Errors
– Competitions

And we’ll make it look like this:
How we set up your boards and categories

If you want your boards to have descriptions please write the descriptions in (brackets) beside or under each boards name and we can do that too. If you want only certain membergroups to have access please include those in ((double brackets)) after the description.


It’s common for requests to set up membergroups to be requested as well. Simply include this info in your ticket:

Membergroup Name(s):
Type: Private, Admin Approval, Requestable, Free, Post Based [required post count].
Permissions: Special permissions? Provide details or it will have regular member permissions.
Boards: List the boards it CAN or CAN’T see (which ever list is smallest, or ALL).
Primary or Secondary Membergroup: (Secondary is invisible by default)
Colour: #
Number of badges:
Badge Name/Location:
Max personal Messages:

Any information not included will be left as default. If you have member badges that need to be installed this information can be included in this ticket also.


Since permissions can be somewhat difficult to interpret it’s best that tickets outline the goal you want to achieve. For example if you don’t want the News and Announcements board to have member topics then your ticket should say you don’t want members to be able to post new topics in the News and Announcement board, only Admins/Moderators and it will be set up correctly for you. This will help us avoid any mix ups.

Smileys, Avatars, and Attachments

Setting up smileys, avatars, and Attachments is simple and we are more than happy to do it. We can install custom smileys as well, but due to the time consuming nature of custom smileys we ask that you limit the amount you wish to have installed. We like to recommend this set plus extras as it is a stylish set that can be installed and set up very quickly.

To get Avatars or Smileys installed please send us links to the mods/files.

For attachments please include the following in your ticket (Use 0 for unlimited):

Allowed Extensions: (doc,gif,jpg,mpg,pdf,png,txt,zip)
Directory: (Attachments by default – everything saves to /attachments/)
Max Directory Space: (how much space the folder can take up on your site)
Max Size per Attachment: (How big you want each attachment)
Max Attachments per Post: (how many attachments per post)
Max Thumbnail Dimentions: (150px x 150px default)
Extensive security checks: (This can result in lots of rejected attachments.)

What about things that aren’t part of the forum?

We can do most of that stuff too! If you want help with anything you can always lodge a ticket!

  • Addon/Parked/Sub/Redirect domains
  • Email and FTP accounts and their features
  • Database users, setups, etc
  • And More!

What Can I Expect from Next Level SMF After the Setup Process?

When the setup process is over you’ll have a fully functional SMF forum with Anti Spam, auto video embedding, and the mods and themes you asked for installed for you. Of course, we won’t just abandon you! For the length of your stay with us you’ll see…

  • We’ll keep your SMF up to date, automatically on the day**.
  • We’ll check in on you every week for maintenance. We make sure you’re error free (where able) and running smoothly.
  • We’ll keep you backed up, automatically.
  • If you purchased your domain with us we’ll renew it for you.
  • Technical support: Ongoing support for troubleshooting, permissions, settings, admin and mod issues, as well as hosting issues like emails, databases, and domains.
  • Level Up Support: If we find things that could benefit your forum we will drop you a line, if you have questions we’ll offer advice. We want to see you succeed and happy!

As you can see becoming a Next Level SMF forum owner is simple and has long running benefits that many other hosting providers do not offer! If you have questions or concerns feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help you iron out any details!

* The Hard Way plan does not include mod and theme installs. Please check your plan for more information on the included set up features.
** Automatic updates are for SMF patches, not upgrades. “On the day” can differ by timezone, so for clarity means within 24-48 hours of a patch being released by SMF.

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