Next Level SMF has a small selection of Managed SMF Hosting plans, including self hosted management only plans. Each plan is specially designed to assist busy and new admins alike in running their forums successfully. You’ll find we’re cheaper than most phone plans, and chock full of more customer service too! Feel free to contact us or open a chat session if you have any queries!

Self Hosted Plans (Management Only)

For people who are happy with their host but wish to have help managing and running their forum. These plans are for SMF forums that are hosted elsewhere.


Your new SMF will be installed with anti-spam configured and the mods and themes of your choice installed and set up for you! Your SMF will be ready to use from the moment you log in. Finally, a hassle free set up process!


You’ll never have to worry about whether your SMF is up to date, it’ll be updated for you on the day* SMF releases a patch. Any mod or theme you want installed? No problem, even manual installs! Errors in your error log? No worries!


Need a hand? Whether it’s a setting, permissions issue, or just a question help is only an email away. You’ll find more support here than anywhere else because I'm here to help you manage your SMF experience, not just to host it.


  1. These plans are intended to be used by one website (forum) per plan. If you need multiple sites please contact us to get the best deal.
  2. Domain Renewal is your responsibility, domains will not be managed on AFK plans.
  3. All prices are in AUD. USD prices subject to change without warning based on the exchange rate.
  4. Unincluded extras can be purchased individually. Please ask first as charging is at Next Level SMF’s discretion.
  5. Manual mod installs, small tweaks, and error log fixes will need to be assessed per request. In rare cases a mod cannot be installed manually due to conflicts. In rare cases errors in the log cannot be resolved. In some cases requests for tweaks may be denied at Next Level SMF’s discretion. In some cases the tweaks are so small you can have multiple tweaks per month no problem. If in doubt ask!
  6. Automatic updates are for SMF patches, not upgrades. “On the day” can differ by timezone, so for clarity means within 24-48 hours of a patch being released by SMF.
  7. In order to do automatic updates and mod/theme installs an admin account will be required with SMF. In order to make small tweaks and manual installs an FTP account will be required. For your privacy and security we ask that you provide us with our own FTP and Admin accounts.