Mod Showcase: Users Mass Actions (Mass Member Actions)

When it comes to modifications we often think of “cool” things that add features to our forums to make them shiny and awesome in some way. Rarely do we go looking for mods that will make small changes that will save us time and effort in little ways that can often have a huge impact…and these are the overlooked hidden gems of the mod list.

Today I found one of them, a modification created by an absolute genius, Emanuele, who used to be a developer on the SMF team. This mod “Users Mass Actions” makes bulk, or mass, member actions available from the administration centre. The amount of time you could save by using this mod over entering queries or doing it by hand is unreal, and that’s why it’s our first mod showcase.

The mod simply adds a dropdown at the bottom of the member list in the member section of the administration centre where you can choose your bulk action. You can add/remove primary AND secondary membergroups, delete, and ban the members selected.

Prior to this change you would only have a delete member button on the bottom of the list, which means that adding/removing membergroups and banning members has to be done by hand for each member: For adding/removing members from groups you can do it via the members profile (per member) or the moderation centre (per group) by typing each members name into the add members field. For banning you can also do that via the profile and the administration centre.

This mod is definitely a huge time saver, and one that admins should consider adding to their arsenal.

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4 Comments on "Mod Showcase: Users Mass Actions (Mass Member Actions)"


July 22, 2015 2:08 pm

This sounds like a really handy tool to have! I’m actually on Next Level SMF because I’ve been wanting to create an online community myself, and this definitely is the kind of feature I’d want access to as an admin if / when I get around to starting it up (hopefully a matter of “when”, though!). Thanks for sharing this, I’ll bookmark in my resources folder so I can take a better look at it later on. 🙂

July 22, 2015 8:25 pm

Thanks so much for pointing me in the direction to your plans page, I’m taking a look at it now and I will definitely consider purchasing one of them soon once I’ve calculated how much the total cost of running a community would be and seeing if it’ll be reasonable to start up now. 😀
Not sure if its okay to ask here or not; if asking somewhere else would be better I’ll direct my question where it is better suited. But in the area that says 10 emails on the two plans and 100 emails on the largest plan, what do those emails mean exactly?